That’s all folks, football is officially over. This fucking sucks for many reasons. The first is that there aren’t any other sports to switch to. Basketball blows for Laker fans, baseball hasn’t started and the draft is now in May so there’s no oasis to even seek out. The second reason this really sucks is the Super Bowl was shitty in every way. A blow out is no way for a Super Bowl to be, it’s supposed to be the two best team fighting it out for a last second win from a field goal (or not right Bills fans?). I don’t care if you are the assholes who got Seahawks tattoos months before the game, 900-3 is a shitty game all around. I was in a bar so I didn’t quite catch all the commercials but the reactions I’ve seen on Twitter and Facebook tell me they were pretty bad. The movie trailers were good but other than that I don’t think I missed much.
So here we are, no sports to speak of, no movies coming out anytime soon that look good, and I’m hungover as fuck because the bar I went to was all you can eat/drink for 50 bucks so I drank enough Jim Beam to kill a wooly mammoth. I blame Obama and Roger Goodell, it seems like the right thing to say.

PS I couldn’t have been more fucking wrong about my prediction



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