ESPN- Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn would have been interested in the Cleveland Browns’ head-coaching vacancy had the team waited until Seattle’s playoff run was over, he told the Cleveland Plain Dealer after the Super Bowl. The Browns hired Buffalo Bills defensive coordinator Mike Pettine as coach in January, after Browns CEO Joe Banner decided not to wait for the Seahawks to complete their postseason run to interview Quinn. “I certainly would’ve been interested,” Quinn told the newspaper after his defense dominated the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII. “I mean, it’s a big-time place. It’s the Cleveland Browns.”

New Browns logo

New Browns logo

Ok now that I’m done laughing my fucking ass off let’s go over this just one time. The Browns fired their coach, who was very well liked by players, after one year. In that year he had no QB to speak of and management traded away what was (in everyone’s mind) the star RB. They ended up 4-12 but they were in most of the games and actually looked like they could win the division at times. OK so that happens, boom coach is out. First coach after the season is over. So they go looking for a new guy. Josh McDaniels takes himself out of the hunt after an interview (and realized he is employed by the Patriots). Adam Gase says no (realizing he is employed by Peyton Manning). James Franklin, Bob Stoops, Bill O’Brien, and Gus Malzahn all decide it’s better to be at the college ranks than coach a pro team. They really want Dan Quinn but he says just wait until after the Super Bowl and I will give you an answer, a reasonable request. So the Browns freak out and hire Mike Pettine who was the DC for the Bills. Outside of Buffalo no one knows if the Bills had a good D. Then Pettine’s coach makes fun of the Browns immediately after her dad is hired. After the SB Quinn, who ran one of the greatest defenses in NFL history and shut down the QB with the best single season numbers ever, says Cleveland is a BIG TIME place and he probably would’ve taken the job…Expect single gunshot wounds to the head to go up 20,000% in northern Ohio this week.



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