Page Six- Strait-laced Derek Jeter has broken up with swimsuit model Hannah Davis as her fame grows through her sexy photo shoots for Sports Illustrated. We’re told the Yankee shortstop and the Virgin Islands-born model have gone their separate ways after just less than a year of dating. One source told us: “Derek likes to keep his relationships quiet. In the past, when his girlfriends become famous and start doing sexy shoots, that’s when they break up. Exactly the same thing happened with Minka and Vanessa Minnillo.”

The King is BACK

The King is BACK

Women of Tampa Bay better be on high alert. Get those toes done, nails done, Va-j-j waxed because Jeets is on the prowl. A man who is clearly in the Hall of Fame for getting the hottest chicks ever is once again single and the timing couldn’t be more ideal. This chick was clearly getting too full of herself after a gaining some popularity by being his arm candy and he is now healthy so he will be traveling with the team and not stuck in that Bruce Wayne mansion in Tampa. She would just bring drama and Jeter isn’t about that life. One plus one equals orgies if you catch my drift people. Don’t be shocked if more and more women start chanting “Yeah Jeets” come baseball season.



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