Actual working phones for rich people

Actual working phones for rich people

FOX Sports- Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is back … in NASCAR that is. You may remember him from last year’s Daytona 500, he had an awkward moment when trying to show Erin Andrews some love on live TV. This time you may appreciate what he’s doing more. And that’s sponsoring a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series team. Swan Racing will have SMS Audio as an associate sponsor on the No. 26 (Cole Whitt) and No. 30 (Parker Kligerman) cars for the 2014 and 2015 seasons. For those of you who don’t know, SMS Audio is an American consumer electronics manufacturer of headphones and audio products, founded by 50 Cent.

Looks like it’s time to start investing in Swan Racing, whatever the fuck that is. Just about everything that 50 Cent touches business wise, turns to gold so anything he signs up for I am all in. Was his “I got shot 100 times in the face” gimmick old after 2005? Yes. Are all of his movies shitty Redbox flicks? Absolutely. But did he sign a $200 mil deal with Lionsgate for those 10 movies? Yes he fucking did. I am going to just flat out say that 50 Cent is the new Magic Johnson. He knows what black people like and he makes a lot of money from it. Rap, that was easy. Then he moved to clothes. Made them look tough, baggy, and had a spinning necklace. Sold out the stores. Next he wanted to get into the drink game. Did he go for booze like everyone else, fuck no, he went for water. Do black people like water? Nope, so he made it really sweet and made roughly a trillion dollars when he sold his company to Coke. No he’s into NASCAR and you can bet every huge racing jacket that a black person wears will be his drivers. Fucking genius move, I like your style Fiddy.
Net worth- 280 million dollars

Not too good at spittin game on Live TV though



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