Today is the day when all the college football geeks around the country fucking jerk off for. 17 and 18 year olds sitting at a table in their gym, putting a hat on their head. As of this posting (10 am EST) 7 of the top 10 draft classes are in the SEC which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. If you want to be on TV and talked about every week on ESPN you don’t head to the Big 10 or PAC 12. And currently Alabama sits at the top which is also pretty obvious, it’s like playing for the Patriots, you always have a shot at a title. The biggest surprise is that Tennessee is #5 since they haven’t been shit since Peyton was there, but like I said it’s the SEC, anyone can beat anyone on Saturday. Also hotter girls go to southern schools and that’s a god damn fact. Chicks in bikinis are always better than chicks in parkas. Here’s the full top 10
10 Georgia
9 Auburn
8 U Miami
7 Ohio State
6 Florida
5 Tennessee
2 Texas A&M
1 Bama

PS Which school wins for most signees with kids? Probably FSU


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