CBS 10 News- Pinellas County, Florida — A man stole a large amount of cat food from Walmart that he said he planned to sell to his friend with 300 cats. Officers responded to the Walmart on Us Highway 19 North in Clearwater to investigate a shoplifting case involving cat food. Loss prevention staff had detained James Lawlor for loading up a shopping cart full of cat food and then walking to his car without paying. Lawlor explained to officers that he had done this in the past and that he steals the cat food to sell in what he calls “hustling.” Lawlor also said he has a friend with 300 cats and he sells the food to him and others. Lawlor was arrested and transported to the Pinellas County jail charged with one count of Grand Theft.

(SFW version)

Things are tough out here in FLA baby. People from up North think it’s all sunny skies, beautiful beaches, and meth for days. What they don’t see are these hustlers duckin’ the cops trying to unload their shopping carts full of Fancy Feast and Friskies Meaty Bits. Shit’s real down here son. But for real, this shit is nuts. Bold ass move to just load up the cart and walk out like no one would notice a fucking full cart of cat food. And to already have a customer lined up with 300 god damn cats, I love this guys’ mind set. People always wonder how you get into the game, you need demand and he sure found one in that weirdo.


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