ZAP2It- Farrah Abraham is releasing another sex tape. The former “Teen Mom” and “Couples Therapy” star stars in “Farrah 2: Backdoor and More,” the sequel to Abraham’s first adult video, “Backdoor Teen Mom,” with porn star James Deen. According to Radar, Vivid Entertainment plans to release the sequel on Feb. 13. Vivid apparently has more footage from the original sex-tape shoot, but Radar quotes a representative of the company as saying, “What we are releasing next week is a completely different movie.” Abraham has recently claimed to be done with the adult-film industry, saying her sex tape ruined her life. Since the original video release, the reality star has also said she was “drugged and raped” more than once while being a part of the hard-partying adult entertainment industry. Will Abraham claim that this second video is a personal sex tape, as she did with the first one? Or is the sequel an acknowledgement of intended work? Whether we want it or not, an answer is coming soon in a porn film.

Someone needs to tell this bitch to just shut up and be a porn star. Her first taste of fame was being a slutty 16 year old with a kid. Then her second was being a super whore and taking 15 minutes of anal on camera and showing the world. Now her third will be even more(??) than the first tape. I’m no scientist but I’m pretty sure those are the proper steps you take when you become a porno chick. Once you have been fucked on camera and made a good deal of money for it, why stop? Add in the fact that she is basically retarded and I don’t see the down side. It’s not like she is going back to school and will cure cancer. Just take the cards you were dealt (a nice body with fake tits and an asshole that can take a lot of punishment) and try to become the best out there.
And what kind of asshole bites the hand that feeds her? Her sex tape ruined her life? No I’m pretty sure that 100k saved you from working at Micky D’s sweetheart. And ‘getting drugged and raped’ is called doing drugs and having sex. Grow up Count Chocula
PS Really want to see what ‘Backdoor and More’ means because that bitch took it all and then some in the first tape.
PPS Here is the link to Farrah Abraham’s first tape, “Backdoor Teen Mom”



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