Yahoo Sports- UFC light heavyweight Thiago Silva is in police custody in Broward County, Fla., after an incident at his home, according to multiple media reports. However, no trace of Silva’s arrest could be discovered independently. His name did not turn up in an arrest records search on the Broward County Sheriff’s website and a dispatcher told Yahoo Sports, “We don’t have that person in our system. Sorry.” That, however, does not mean Silva has not been arrested and may simply indicate that he has not been processed yet. A source told Yahoo Sports that Silva had been taken for a psychiatric evaluation, though that was unable to be confirmed. The UFC released a statement acknowledging it was aware of an incident involving Silva in Florida, though the statement did not say whether Silva had been arrested. According to NBC News 6, the suspect went to a jiu-jitsu school at 777 E. Oakland Park Blvd. and threatened people. No one was harmed and the suspect left, police told NBC News 6. According to the television station’s report, authorities then set up a perimeter around the suspect’s home. The NBC News 6 story reported that Broward Sheriff’s officials told it at 11:15 p.m. ET that a suspect had been taken into custody.

He's not that violent, just huggin a bro

He’s not that violent, just huggin a bro

And he knocks people the fuck out

And he knocks people the fuck out

Allow me to break this story down for everyone. I can pretty much guess what happened without even being there. Silva is probably juiced out of his gord, peaked out because he fights March 15th. So he’s at a gym fucking around with his buddies and someone calls him out. Naturally because he ruins people’s faces for a living, he threatened the guy, it’s what happens. Some stupid chick that was there says she’s going to call the cops because bitches are bitches. Silva knows he has stuff at the house that the cops can’t see so he takes off for home. Once there he starts finding all the juice, probably coke, maybe some weird sex stuff. No one wants the cops to find that because he will be all over the news. So he is flushing his bottles and needles, maybe some baggies, and you know how toilets are, you can’t just flush and flush you need to wait a little bit. Cops show up, he tells them to fuck off because he is still flushing and they think he is resisting. Classic story. Then he’s so freaked out they take him to the mental wing which is always a good defense and boom he will be out of jail with a fine and a slap on the wrist from Dana White. Easy peasy, Japanesey



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