Just thought of this and am blogging without fully thinking it thru, but I have solved all the Raiders problems and I now know how to get them into the Super Bowl and also how to win. First thing is first, sign up for Hard Knocks. It’s never bad to have cameras around all the time, right? Next give up your first and second round picks, plus the team’s naming rights, for Johnny Football. Kid is electric as fuck. Then draft Michael Sam in the 3rd, All American plus he will be the first openly gay player in football. In the free agency sign Richie Incognito AND Jared Allen. You would already have Aaron Hernandez signed while he is still in prison so you get him for super cheap and now you have a scary mismatch in the passing game. So you then have Johnny Football (this decades Todd Marinovich, minus the crack plus a Drake), a gay black star DE in Sam, plus two guys who look fully racist and homophobic (Richie probably isn’t but let me flow with these ideas) and also great players, pick up Hernandez from prison and fly him straight to Oakland for the murderer aspect, and we will give Janikowski the number to the best ecstasy dealer in the west coast..all of this being filmed for Hard Knocks. Championship City. Mark Davis, you know how to contact me for the GM job right?

This plan also works for any other super shitty team with at least one player that loves ecstasy.


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