Washington Post- Michael Sam, a bruising defensive end on one of 2013’s most surprising college football teams, announced Sunday he is gay. He didn’t back into the revelation or simply hint at it. The Missouri defender and the Associated Press’s SEC co-defensive player of the year said it, owned it, and now stands at the fringe of one of sports’ last social frontiers: becoming the first openly gay NFL player. “I am an openly proud gay man,” Sam, 24, was quoted as saying in reports posted Sunday by ESPN and the New York Times. Sam, a 6-foot-2, 255-pound all-American, made his announcement two weeks before the annual NFL scouting combine, and early reaction Sunday evening suggested his decision was meant in part to answer questions he’ll face anyway in Indianapolis. “I am proud to tell my story to the world!” was among several messages posted on Sam’s Twitter account late Sunday. Sam said during the interviews that his teammates knew of his sexuality throughout the 2013 season, when Missouri was picked to finish sixth in the SEC East — but instead won the division and finished 12-2. The Tigers lost to Auburn, the national runner-up, in the SEC championship game and finished their season with a win against Oklahoma State in the Cotton Bowl.

The topic of gay athletes in pro sports is a hot one, and for good reason, because it shows you instantly who is fucking ignorant and who is not. This is 2014. If I want, I can pull a phone out of my pocket, type into Google that I want to see a camel peeing on a monkey who is eating a strawberry and I can probably be watching the video in less than 2 minutes including buffering. And even though that’s a strange request, it isn’t shocking. But the idea of a openly gay man playing football is? Grow the fuck up. Anyone who says there shouldn’t be a gay guy in the locker room or on the field should be executed. Clearly if someone makes it to the NFL they have such a special skill set that 99% of the world doesn’t have so I don’t care if they fuck horses (and the horse obviously consents), if that guy will help me win football games put a jersey on his back and let him play. Sam’s whole team knew and they didn’t give a shit and he played in the toughest division in college football. And he balled the fuck out. That’s what really makes he happy about all this, Michael Sam is a beast. One of the best defensive guys in the college game so he will absolutely get the chance to start an NFL game as an openly gay man and hopefully other kids growing up who are gay but think they won’t be allowed to play contact sports because it’s too manly, they will see it’s ok and that no matter what if you work hard you can make it! (Very inspirational at the end, I know).
Plus imagine how many jerseys this guy will sell. If I’m the 49ers or Miami I am biting at the chance to sign this kid.

Sure buddy, you don't 'do no gay guys'

Sure buddy, you don’t ‘do no gay guys’

Really anti-gay here tough guy

Really anti-gay here tough guy

Look at this asshole Chris Culliver a DB on the 49ers..“I don’t do the gays, man,” Culliver said last year, days before his team played in the Super Bowl. “I don’t do that. No, we don’t got no gay people on the team; they got to get up out of here if they do.” Evidently you ‘don’t do no reading’ either you illiterate fuck. I hope a swarm of gay guys just glitter bomb the fuck out of you in San Fran.



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