CNN- Paralyzing. Catastrophic. Historic. Crippling. These are words that forecasters are using to describe the potential for a winter storm heading Atlanta’s way, as the city prepares for another spate of icy weather just two weeks after less than 3 inches of snow shut down the city. “It certainly looks like it could be of historic proportions, especially in the last 10 to 20 years,” said National Weather Service forecaster Jason Deese. Meteorologists will keep an eye across the Carolinas on Tuesday evening, as the temperatures there will largely dictate Atlanta’s fate, he said. Low temperatures are expected to sink southwest out of the Carolinas, so if the mercury drops precipitously there, it could mean trouble for Atlanta in the form of an inch of ice, he added.

Left all the wheat bread. Even before you die gotta go unhealthy

Left all the wheat bread. Even before you die gotta go unhealthy

Looks like Atlanta is getting ready for the god damn real apocalypse, raiding grocery and department stores of everything they have because an inch of ice is coming and the whole city literally shuts down. The Governor declares a state of emergency. FEMA is all set up and ready to rescue anyone who gets stuck in their cars or I guess needs some hot cocoa because the weather is in the 30s. I am absolutely mind blown that people in Hotlanta are freaking out like this. I grew up in Buffalo and an inch of ice/snow was normal in mid May but one of the biggest cities in the country gets shut down because of it? So fucking gay I can’t stand it. Does anyone remember it was just -1900 degrees in Chicago and people still went to work? Oh they are used to it you say, they have snow all the time. No one that isn’t from fucking Neptune is used to those temperatures. Grow the fuck up and go buy a coat.
Love the quote from the last time this happened, I’ll paraphrase “It was like a zombie movie. People were just out of their cars, walking around and talking!” (and read that in your most scared ridiculous lady voice)



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