Hey look, Aaron looks like Aaron today

Hey look, Aaron looks like Aaron today

TMZ- If Aaron Paul wants us to believe he didn’t care if everyone knew his name when he walked into the Cheers bar in Boston … he’s full of Schlitz. Aaron and a pal popped into the famous drinking hole Wednesday to grab a couple of beers … but everyone was so impressed they probably would have broken out the meth stash if he wanted. Aaron — looking a lot like Jesse Pinkman — took pics with fans and the staff … whose troubles are all the same. And we’re told he left a nice tip too, bitches.

TMZ is running this story that Aaron Paul went to the Cheers bar and had some beers. I’m sure this kind of story gets ran anytime someone famous goes there. “Oh I bet they knew his name!” and dumb shit like that. But what irks me about all this is the part where they say he looks like Jesse Pinkman. No fucking shit. He wasn’t in blackface or a ton of prosthetics, it was him dressed in baggy clothes saying Bitch a bunch. Don’t get me wrong he was probably my favorite part of the show and the actor who used the most range, but come on people. I feel bad for Aaron he will get the ‘he still looks like Pinkman’ thing until he gets reconstructive surgery or in a car accident or something.



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