Vulture- The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons will host Saturday Night Live on March 1, with Beck as musical guest, NBC announced this afternoon. This is Parsons’s first time hosting, and Beck’s seventh time as musical guest, not including the time he played alongside Mick Jagger on the 2012 season finale. Beck’s first time on SNL was back in 1997 (host: Kevin Spacey), which is before Parsons even had an IMDb credit. And now look at them! Parsons has three Emmys; Beck has three Grammys; SNL brings people together, etc.

That will be a great SNL to watch because I think Jim Parson’s is one of the best comedic actors out there and he’s weird enough that the writers can come up with good sketches. He doesn’t seem uptight so I doubt he will take himself too serious or try too hard. The weird thing is why the fuck is Beck going to be there? I thought he died or just disappeared. Has he had a hit in a decade or two? The Big Bang Theory is the top rated comedy, with Modern Family, and Parson’s is the biggest star so why is he paired with a loser from the 90’s? At least get someone who goes along with him, maybe Macklemore or some other gay rights person. Maybe this is when Beck comes out of the closet, who knows. Either way I’ll watch and skip the music like I always do.

Obligatory Kaley Cuoco picture





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