It’s almost unarguable that Beyoncé is the most powerful female singer in the world and recently she released an album with Drunk In Love as a song. It’s about getting fucked up and fucking I guess. She says surfboard, which is a sex position, and now girls everywhere say that when they have no clue how to really lay a fuck on a man. My guess is Beyoncé does. As always in the hip hop/r&b world a remix was made of this song and it was done by Kanye West about Kimmy K. You know her, Is She Hot? participant and also world renown sex tape slut. Well apparently ol’ Yeezus doesn’t care about furthering that rep she has and talks about them fucking in his version of the song while highlighting the fact that he ‘impregnated her mouth’ then afterwards knew she would be his wife. If those aren’t wedding vows I don’t know what they are.

PS If you say you wouldn’t impregnate her mouth, you are a fucking liar



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