KGW News

The fire department arrived and helped the woman take her jacket off. As The Oregonian reports, this call was released as part of the Washington Dispatch Agency’s “You called 911 for that?!” campaign. They are attempting to, “educate people on the proper use of the emergency service.” Every week they will post another “ridiculous use” of 911 on their Facebook page.

It’s a good thing the fire department got there when they did because I guarantee the husband was seconds away from strangling the life out this woman’s incredibly annoying body. Obviously this couple was drunk and in the middle of a heated argument that was revolving around the fact that this dummy couldn’t get out of her coat and her asshole (normal) husband was laughing uncontrollably at her. He finally got tired of her bitching and crying and decided to embarrass her by having the fire department show up to help. This is where he made the critical mistake. Never invite a bunch of unformed men over to your house to help your pissed off wife out of her clothes. Guaranteed she fucked every one of those firemen and if you think for one minute that she doesn’t hang out at the station all day blowing everyone then you’re insane. Sometimes you just gotta suck it up, bite your tongue, and help your wife out of her coat. It’ll keep less dicks out of her in the long run which is really the only thing you should ever be concerned about.

-Ken (non 911 caller)


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