That'll learn a bitch

That’ll learn a bitch

FOX DC- Police in Atlantic City say Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was arrested at a casino there after an argument with his fiancee turned physical. Atlantic City police said that Rice and Janay Palmer were both arrested on simple assault charges and were released on a summons after an incident at the Revel Casino early Saturday morning. Both Rice and Palmer declined medical attention and neither reported any injuries. Michael Diamondstein, an attorney for Rice, says that he’s hopeful that after an investigation “the matter turns out to be little more than a misunderstanding.” The Ravens released a statement Sunday night. “We are aware of the Friday night situation with Ray Rice and his fiancee,” the Ravens said. “We have spoken with Ray, and know that they returned home together after being detained.” Rice played at Rutgers University in New Jersey and was drafted in the second round of the 2008 draft by the Ravens

Deadspin is also reporting they have an eye witness that said Rice was spit on by his fiancée and then he uppercutted her, knocking her unconscious.

Of course getting punched by any pro football player would be terrible, but a shot from Ray Rice would be one of the worst. He has short arms that a fucking huge so a quick uppercut would most likely make you want to quit life. His chick is probably thrilled she went out cold because that pain is not something you want to deal with right away. Either way, I’m on Ray’s side. I’ve been spit on by chicks, drinks thrown in my face, slapped, punched, pinched..the whole nine yards and there is nothing more that you want to do than knock a bitch out. But you can’t because you go to jail, unless you are super rich and have Michael Diamonstein (the Jewiest last name of all time) and he gets you out before you even hit general pop. Probably didn’t even have to put on the jailhouse slippers. Just took a nap with a big drunken smile on his face knowing he finally shut his chick up. And from now on I bet she doesn’t even let spittle leave her mouth when she’s talking or else ol’ Triangle on Fight Night ’04 comes back and she’s seeing tweety birds again.



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