This is just getting out of hand for the NBA. First of all no one gives a shit anymore until after Christmas and there’s a good chance people still don’t care. Unless you are one of the Heat fans who magically appeared after LeBron moved south or one of the LA fans who magically switched from Purple and Gold to Red White and Blue, you really have zero interest in basketball. The only saving grace has been the dunk contest during All Star week and maybe the All Star game which is basically just a full court game of HORSE. But lately even the dunk contest has been shit, especially this year. It used to be the best in the game throwing down the most vicious, intense and energetic dunks of all time. Jordan, Carter, Howard, hell even Blake Griffin jumping over a car. It was something to watch because the best guys were having fun and showing off. Now it’s D-League players at best who are in a team format and they round up old players and have them vote or something. Fucking bullshit. They need to make players participate or just cancel it. People want to see LeBron, Wade, Westbrook, Howard and Rose (when healthy). Oh well, just another All-Star/Pro Bowl type thing that has gotten shittier and shittier and is just about getting money from the advertisers. Here is this year’s highlights if you care to waste your time.

Now here are the best ones from 2000 Vince Carter

And what the fuck is Nick Cannon thinking?

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