Baby Giraffe Borns Himself to Life; And He’s a Cutie Patootie

Posted: February 18, 2014 in Animals, blown call, breaking news, comedy, humor, manly humor, popular culture & entertainment, satire
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Someone give that cute mug a tree branch to chew on!

Where can I adopt one of these things?

“Save the neck for me, Clark.”

The Planckendael Zoo in Mechelen, north of Brussels celebrates the birth of a new and welcomed beauty! And it happened on the super romantic day, February 14. Remarkably, the cute little giraffe has a spot in the shape of a heart on the buttock.

This new savannah resident was born in the early morning. Barbie Mama gave birth to a large young. She is an experienced mother and the birth went smoothly. On average it takes a giraffe birth 4 to 5 hours.

I don’t understand giraffes. They don’t seem like a real animal to me. I’ve seen them in a zoo so I know they exist but I still don’t get it. What is it?! A horse? A camel? A dinosaur? The only thing I can be sure of is that baby giraffes are cute and adult giraffes are the only friend of a human in any disaster. Stuck in a giant hole with a giraffe? Climb up his neck to freedom. Can’t get across that lava pit? Giraffe neck is the perfect bridge. Trying to get across a river and can’t get your hair wet? Ground on fire? You get the idea……


  1. Such a cute baby giraffe!

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