HitFix- Reminding us all what comes from making assumptions, FOX’s “Gotham” has cast vicious mobster Fish Mooney and perhaps the gender-ambiguous name should have been a tip-off. Jada Pinkett Smith has landed the key adversarial role as hot-headed gangster and nightclub owner Fish Mooney in “Gotham,” the Batman origin story from Warner Bros. TV. And if you expected somebody different to be running the Gotham criminal underground, well that’s just because of your own preconceived issues, since Fish isn’t a character from within the DC Comics canon. The character description teases that Fish Mooney has “the street smarts and almost extra-sensory abilities to read people like an open book.” Perhaps that helps make up for the fact that she is, apparently, roughly 5’0″. Mooney is still described as “imposing.” When the Cobblepot character was cast, the description noted that he was a low-level sociopath in the employ of Mooney. Now we know the kind of person it takes to control the future Penguin.

Not too sure how this will work out. When I first read the headline I was just excited to see more news on this TV show that I will for sure be hooked on. Now that I’ve had time to let it settle (2 mins) I still don’t know what I think about it. Sure it can be cool for her to be sexy and tough but if she’s over the top tough guy, I will absolutely hate it. When you are that small you aren’t tough. Be sexy and be conniving and make that work. But unless you are Gina Carano or Ronda Rousey you cannot be a super tough bitch. Doesn’t work. So we will see how this plays out, hopefully Will Smith makes an appearance or two.

She can kick my ass ANYTIME

She can kick my ass ANYTIME



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