I fucking hate John Cusack. Now that I’ve said that, let me review this trailer for everyone real quick. Cusack plays a quiet weirdo (go figure) who has to wait in a strange hotel room and kill some dudes for Robert DeNiro. He’s not allowed to look in the bag, just grab the bag and get his cash on delivery. It looks like he meets a hooker who he will fall for and then opens the bag and all hell ensues. DeNiro looks good which is something that seems to be on the upswing. Outside of Last Vegas and Grudge Match (I saw both because of DeNiro, Grudge Match was ok when you realize it’s not Rocky or Raging Bull) he has had some good parts. The Wedding or whatever was funny, he was great in American Hustle and Silver Linings Playbook was incredible. This could be ok but could also just be another paycheck so he can keep his restaurants/film festival running.

And how many god damn movies does Cusack need to do with hotel/motels? Bag Man, 1407, Identity, Hot Tub Time Machine..move the fuck on buddy and find a new place to hang out

If I don’t find pictures of Rebecca Da Costa naked soon, I may jump off a bridge


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