Variety- After a final rewrite to the script and a long casting process, Fox looks to have assembled the team for its “Fantastic Four” reboot. Miles Teller, Kate Mara and Jamie Bell will join Michael B. Jordan in the latest installment in the comicbook franchise. Mara recently closed a deal to play play Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman. While no offer is out yet, Bell is expected to be tapped to play Ben Grimm/The Thing. Teller has an offer to play Reid Richards/Mr. Fantastic, but deal points are a little further away from being completed.

Well I guess the Fantastic Four are taking a page out of the Louis C.K. casting book having a very white girl, Kate Mara, play the sister of a very African American guy, Michael B Jordan. Jordan was actually the first person cast to play Johnny Storm and I think that’s a great pick. This kid will be a superstar in the likes of Will Smith. He really has the charisma, he’s good looking, and he can be funny or serious so this will be a great launching pad for his career. Miles Teller I think is a little too goofy to play Reid but it is when he is younger so maybe he settles down towards the end of the film. Mara is ok, not really what I was hoping for. There are many more hot actresses out there that can play the invisible girl, white and black. You can’t go from Jessica Alba who is HOF hot to Kate Mara who is mostly awkward and super pale. Jamie Bell is an interesting choice because he has a lot of range. From a fruity boxer musical to Jumper to that Eagle Roman movie with Channing Tatum. He’s got the chops and I’m sure will bulk up for the role so I think he will be just fine. But there it is, let us know what you think homies..
PS I really don’t think people will cause a shit fit over the white/black Storm siblings solely based on how good Jordan is. Maybe I’m developing a little Jungle Fever..



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