Sochi in 2 years. Guaranteed

The Bronze medal game happened today and not one American gave a flying fuck. And the only ones less excited about it were the players themselves. I stopped watching after…I don’t know. 43-0? 44? I can’t remember. It’s been a rough couple of days for the good ol’ USA and the gold medals. We got jobbed by some pretty horrific officiating on the women’s side, and then the men’s side remembered their big weakness going into the Olympics was not having enough scoring. Bad time to get all that figured out. Our women’s figure skater who actually has the name Gold didn’t even medal. Some fat guy with a strained foot won bronze in bob sledding. Yippee!! I feel like most Americans (you know, because I definitely have a finger on the pulse of what America is thinking) are done with the Olympics and can’t wait for it all to be over with. They’ve pretty much been a bust. Russia sucks and has been a weird host. It’s like going to that one friend’s house and everything is a little off. No light bulb in the bathroom. Some weird old man in a hospital bed yelling from across the house that no one ever acknowledges. The house smells like curry even though your friend is completely racist toward Indians. (Dot and feathers) His dad always calls him into the other room to talk about some church thing…..You know, weird shit. The whole world doesn’t trust Russia and we all feel bad for its athletes like they’re the slightly abused and poor cousin you have that you only saw on Christmas and they just sit on the floor and look sad because Santa skipped their house again this year. And you know all the new Olympic facilities will be neglected and in complete disrepair by this time next year and some photographer will be posting pictures online showing the decay and stray dogs will have taken over the city again. And the games are totally rigged because it’s in Russia and how could they not be? Does Vegas even let you bet on the Olympics? Would anyone ever be stupid enough to? Not even the most degenerate psychopath would bet a dime on that fixed garbage. Just…….Ughh…….I’m done with it. Get it off my TV so I can go back to bitching about whatever I normally bitch about. Oh, it’s over tomorrow? Not soon enough.


I truthfully don’t know what the final score of the game was and I don’t care enough to find out. It’s literally 2 clicks away on my desktop but I can’t be bothered.


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