BleacherReport- If you’re looking for a unique piece of baseball history—or collecting evidence of the anger issues caused by rampant steroid usage—you missed out on a gem. According to Jim Baumbach of Newsday.com (h/t Matt Snyder of CBSSports.com), the broken bat Roger Clemens infamously hurled at Mike Piazza during the 2000 World Series sold at auction for a cool $47,800 this weekend. While the buyer preferred to remain anonymous, the item’s seller was former New York Yankees strength coach Jeff Mangold, who claims he saved the broken bat from disposal and kept it as a souvenir. “I’ve had it for 13 years, mainly in the office here at the house,” Mangold told Baumbach. “It’s time for it to move on.” Mangold says Piazza’s Mizuno Pro bat still has Yankee Stadium dirt embedded in it from Clemens throwing it across the field.

Someone spent the equivalent of a NYC Cop’s salary on a piece of wood with dirt on it. While I am a huge proponent for doing whatever you want with your money, and I will when I hit the Powerball, I think this purchase was a little stupid. The story was huge, still kinda is, everyone knows that Clemens threw a bat at Mikey Pizza and they almost fought. So the piece that stuck in the ground has sat in a trainers office and now that he has to pay for college he decided to sell it and it raked in just shy of 48k. But when it comes down to it, that bat did nothing. Wasn’t a historic home run or used to actually hit another human being. It broke and Clemens tossed it towards Mikey, end of story. If he had stabbed him I would be giving up my child’s naming right for a shot at the wood. Otherwise it’s a waste of 48k.



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