CNN- Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman had an assault rifle handy when authorities raided his beachside hideaway over the weekend, but the world’s most wanted drug lord never opened fire. That’s because marines used infrared and body-heat scanners to pinpoint the locations of everyone inside the condo and make sure they were asleep, a Mexican official told CNN. Saturday’s pre-dawn operation that captured Guzman in the Mexican Pacific resort town of Mazatlan marked a dramatic twist in a case that has long captivated the country and frustrated investigators on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border. The notorious Sinaloa cartel leader’s nickname, which means “Shorty,” belies the tall and near-mythic status Guzman achieved in recent years for his ability to elude capture by using bribes, safe houses and an army of cartel helpers.

If you have never heard of El Chapo you are most likely a normal person who doesn’t give a shit about drug lords but I do suggest you look this guy up. Everyone has heard of Pablo Escobar and El Chapo has a bigger reach than even Pablo did. His story just hasn’t really made it to the US because all anyone hears about from Mexico is how they chop heads off and toss them into traffic. Guzman has such a stronghold over the Mexican drug world that he is Public Enemy #1 in Chicago and he has never been there. The last person to have that title was Al Capone and he ran that city. His cartel, Sinaloa, imports more drugs into the US than any other person/organization in the world. This fucker is the real deal and now he is finally behind bars (again). I doubt he will escape this time because of all the press he’s getting, especially since the US wants him to be charged here, but this little guy is really good at hide and seek. There are all these legends about him traveling around Mexico and just paying off anyone he saw to not rat him out, about him going to restaurants and taking all the cell phones but buying everyone’s tab, just that Robin Hood type shit. Even knowing all the bad shit he’s done if he walked into PF Changs and wanted my cell phone but would pay my tab, I’m drinking top shelf tequila and keeping my god damn mouth shut.

In the past couple years THREE of the top 10 world’s most wanted have been caught/killed (Osama, Whitey Bulger, El Chapo) yet we still haven’t settled that whole KONY 2012 thing. That guy really fucked up.


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