Pretty sure this is the coach of the Sixers

Pretty sure this is the coach of the Sixers

ESPN- The Milwaukee Bucks haven’t won too often this season, and a road victory has been even rarer. They earned both in a laugher over the nearly-as-hapless Philadelphia 76ers. O.J. Mayo made seven 3-pointers and scored 25 points, Ersan Ilyasova added 20, and the Bucks placed seven players in double figures in a 130-110 rout of the 76ers, who lost their 11th straight game on Monday night. “In our situation, it’s great to get a win any way we can get it,” Bucks coach Larry Drew said. Ramon Sessions scored 16 points, Khris Middleton and Brandon Knight had 15 each, and Giannis Antetokounmpo posted 13 for the Bucks (11-45), who own the NBA’s worst record. John Henson added 12 for the Bucks, who had their highest scoring game of the season. Milwaukee is 5-22 on the road. “We’re not a 130-point team,” Drew said. “Tonight was a good night. I’ll take it.”

A Bucks vs Sixers game is about as riveting as a Browns vs Raiders game in the snow at 1 pm in the middle of the season. It’s so blatantly obvious that neither one wanted to win they put up the highest point totals either has seen in a decade. The coach even said the Bucks aren’t a 130 team so how shitty was the defense from the Sixers for that to even be possible? This is why so many people hate the NBA because teams will actively lose to get more ping pong balls so they can draft a 18 year old with face tattoos. Only in the NBA draft are the top 5 people the only good players. I have been watching sports and following them for 27 years and I can’t tell you how many rounds are in the draft because you only hear about the top 10 guys. Everyone else heads to Europe where the pay is decent and the pussy is flowing. When does football start again?



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