No fucking thank you

No fucking thank you

TMZ- The Aaron Hernandez jail fight has triggered an internal investigation at Bristol County Jail … with officials gunning to find out how deputies would allow two guys with known beef to come face to face, TMZ Sports has learned. We broke the story … Hernandez — who’s supposed to be a segregated prisoner for his own protection — attacked another inmate in a jail hallway Tuesday and beat the guy up pretty badly. Our sources tell us … it was no secret Aaron and the other guy had been mouthing off at each other for some time … and now officials want to know how in the hell they both ended up in the same hallway at the same time. Now, Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson says officials are talking to witnesses and checking jail cameras to find out exactly what went down.

It’s no surprise that Aaron Hernandez is a physical freak. Tall, muscular, fast with great hands. Combine that with the fact he’s had to block DEs and OLBs during his career, grew up in the hood, and killed multiple people he becomes someone I would NEVER want to fight especially in jail. Just a horrible idea. Sure he was super rich outside of jail but he’s not some pansy kicker or QB or movie star. He’s the real fucking deal so talking shit to him was a bad idea for starters. However the most interesting part about this whole thing is how did they end up fighting? Hernandez was supposed to be separated from all other inmates in case something like this happens and one day when he is arguing with another guy they end up in the same hallway together? Doesn’t make sense to me but I guess only time will tell. I’ll keep you as updated as TMZ keeps me.



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