SLATE- The NBC series Hannibal, the second season of which premieres this Friday, surely arose from the same motivation that spawned the regrettable post-Silence movies: a money-grubbing yearning to milk Hannibal Lecter for all he’s worth. Yet somehow it has become an engrossing, psychologically dense show that is also visually stunning. Hannibal is the kind of gem seldom found on network TV. It’s more than that, even: It’s the best version of Thomas Harris’ work yet—yes, even better than Manhunter and The Silence of the Lambs. How is this possible? It probably helps that the show is also the loosest adaptation of Harris’ work so far. Rather than adapt one of the Lecter novels, Hannibal is inspired by events mentioned but not depicted in Red Dragon—specifically, the time before Hannibal was caught, when Will Graham was an active FBI profiler. Avoiding the all-too-familiar Hannibal-in-prison scenario and expanding on intriguing, unexplored events, the show manages to nail the best qualities of Harris’ work: the psychological nuance, the beautiful horror, and the black, black comedy.

This show is fucking amazing from the acting to the visuals to the story lines. Mads may be the perfect choice for a TV Lecter because he seems fancy as shit but he does look a little nuts. Hugh Dancy is a pussy but could be smart and I hate his beard. Larry Fishburn is pretty bad ass as a side note. Visually it’s some of the best HD TV you will find out there and it’s pretty gory for NBC which is nice. And the story line is a slow burn which sucks you in a little more each episode to the point where the last of season 1 gave my actual blue balls. I cannot wait to see what happens in season 2. Tell ’em Bart!



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