Yahoo Sports- After the Ferrari-bashing incident and a weird, rambling interview with a Phoenix television station, Richie Incognito is getting help. NFL Network’s Jeff Darlington said the Dolphins guard is being treated at a facility in Arizona after “severe mental stress” caused by the fallout from the Jonathan Martin ordeal.

That comes right after Incognito’s bizarre interview about bashing his Ferrari. Fox 10 in Phoenix wasn’t sure what it was going to get when it approached Richie Incognito’s house hoping to ask him why he’d take a baseball bat to his car, something that was reported by TMZ on Thursday. Incognito welcomed them in. The station’s story said he was polite. His explanation of why his $300,000 car got knocked around with a bat was a little odd. “So what happened?” the reporter asked. “To what?” Incognito asked. The Ferrari that was hit with a bat, she said. He took a second to recall what she was talking about. “Ohhhh,” Incognito said after the pause, like he didn’t immediately remember hitting his sports car with a bat. “That was just me venting. That was self expression. That’s a piece of art. The happiest day of my life was when I got that car and now the second happiest day will be when I donate it to charity.”

Here’s what I think happened. Ol’ Richie was knocking a few back with his buddies and probably bullshitting about whores, the NFL then of course Jonathan Martin. Richie takes a few too many shots, for his size probably a whole god damn jug, then says I made it out, I’m untouchable and I’ll prove it by smashing up my ‘Rarri. He does this while laughing then goes and passes out naked in the living room. Like all things done in a blackout he didn’t remember when someone asked about it. Then he makes up an easy lie that’s not believable and “seeks mental help” so he can look reformed and NFL teams will start calling him again for next year. Badda bing badda boom.

PS Can I sign up for that charity somewhere? Is there a list or just first come first served?


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