LA Times- Pope Francis may have to go to confession after witnesses say he accidentally dropped the Italian equivalent of the F-bomb during his weekly blessing from the Vatican. The Argentine pope was delivering his blessing in Italian on Sunday when it happened: He was supposedly intending to use the word “caso,” but pronounced in way that made it sound like, well, you know, in Italian. It’s a common mistake, made especially by those who are not native Italian speakers. But that didn’t stop the incident from going viral.

This has to be the best Pope ever right? I was born Irish Catholic (I guess) but I’ve never once done anything Catholic so I’m not really on the inside track for what happens in the church. However like everyone else I read and hear everything so I know about the kid stuff and I’ve seen Godfather 3 so I know about the Mafia stuff. The last guy just up and quit but he looked like he had already kicked the bucket anyway. Then they release the white smoke, or whatever, and this guy pops out. Used to be a bouncer, probably slayed a ton of bitches, says he doesn’t give a shit about gay people doing gay stuff, takes selfies and cracks the kind of jokes you’d imagine Clinton works with. Last part is conjecture. Now he is giving his weekly blessing in a different language and drops a Fuck right in the middle. Fucking awesome Francis, fucking awesome.

Here’s the Italian



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