ESPN- Record-setting returner Devin Hester said Wednesday he will not be back with the Chicago Bears next season. “From my knowledge, I know that Chicago wants to go a different route with me,” Hester told the NFL Network. “All I can say is thanks to the fans for their support. They’ve always been great to me. Always been loyal. I couldn’t have played for a better city than those guys. At the end of my career, I do want to retire as a member of the Bears.” He added the Bears are “parting ways” with him. Hester later posted his thanks to Bears fans on his Facebook page. “To all my Chicago people … I can’t thank you all enough for my time in Chicago,” he wrote. “I’ve always said I wanted to retire a Chicago Bear but sometimes things don’t work out the way we would like. Chicago will always hold a special place in my heart and if I am fortunate enough to break the return record, we will have all broken it together … no matter where I am. Thank you again and God Bless.” The Bears declined comment.

This may not seem like a big deal because Hester is a shitty receiver but he is still the best returner in the game. When you know a team won’t kick to you it gives you a complete offensive advantage. And he is just an addition to a very deep Free Agency that I am very impatiently waiting for. Those 70 million dollars the Raiders have to spend is burning a hole in my pocket. The top Free Agents out there are Michael Bennett, Antoine Bathea, Alex Mack, Jared Allen, Golden Tate and probably Eric Decker. So lots of talent on all sides and positions. Champ Bailey was recently dropped by the Broncos too so that adds to the mix along with Hester. The only real position that isn’t full of FAs is QB and that’s what most teams need right now. Should get very interesting in the NFL soon.



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