Adrian Peterson Must Know Something We Don’t If Vick Helps Vikes to the Playoffs

Posted: March 7, 2014 in blown call, breaking news, comedy, football, humor, manly humor, popular culture & entertainment, Sports
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ESPN- As the Minnesota Vikings head into free agency in search of a veteran quarterback, their franchise player has an idea about what they should do next. Running back Adrian Peterson is interested in the team bringing Michael Vick to Minnesota to be the team’s starter. The 2012 NFL MVP tweeted his thoughts Wednesday night.

Vick, who will turn 34 in June, started just six games for the Philadelphia Eagles last season before losing his job to Nick Foles after a hamstring injury. Vick hasn’t started more than 13 games in a season since 2006, and it wouldn’t seem like he is the best fit for new offensive coordinator Norv Turner’s offense.

Of all the ways to try and fix the Vikings, this may be the worst. For one Norv Turner is the new OC and he has never had a QB that won and could also move around. His two times being successful were with Troy Aikman and Philip Rivers and they are just as fast as molasses in January in Buffalo (that’s fucking slow). Add in the fact that Vick was replaced in a high octane offense by a white guy who played at Arizona. Everyone and their second cousin’s dog thought Vick would excel in the fast paced Chip Kelly scheme but he looked like shit and couldn’t handle it. I think we all need to just admit the fact that his days of being an NFL freak are behind him and big, mobile guys like Cam and Kaepernick are the new versions of him. So I’m sure AP was just throwing his buddy a bone and saying he could take them to the playoffs but outside of exchanging every player in Minnesota for everyone in New England they are not going to the playoffs anytime soon.
PS AP it’s instantly not intently



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