ESPN- Darren Sharper told witnesses that the sex he and a friend had with two women in New Orleans in September was not consensual, according to a report by a New Orleans police detective obtained by USA Today. The former NFL safety is currently jailed in Los Angeles, having surrendered last week to police after a warrant was issued in connection with the alleged rapes in New Orleans. An acquaintance of Sharper’s, Erik Nunez, also is facing two charges of aggravated rape in the incident, which police in Louisiana said occurred at an apartment on Sept. 23, 2013. Nunez was booked on two counts of rape Friday morning in New Orleans. The report states the two alleged victims were under the influence of an unknown substance and “do not recall the entirety of the sexual intercourse.” Both victims said they awoke from the stupor to find Sharper on top of them, “completely nude,” according to the report, and both denied consenting to the sex. “Through further investigation by the (detectives) it was learned that Nunez and Sharper admitted to other known witnesses that he and Sharper had … sex with victims #1 and #2 without their knowledge or permission,” the report states. If convicted in California, Sharper could face more than 30 years in state prison. If convicted of aggravated rape in Louisiana, both Sharper and Nunez, 26, would face life imprisonment.

My number one question about rich and famous people is how they ever get DUIs. Second question is how they convicted of rape. Neither makes sense to me at all because when you have money you can afford to not drive and when you are famous everyone wants to fuck you. Even guys in high school who are popular on the JV baseball team have chicks begging to fuck them so if you played 14 years in the NFL and in the Super Bowl you should never-ever-ever-ever be accused of rape. Don’t even fuck chicks on the first night who are drunk, that’s rookie shit. You know all most girls want is a jackpot encounter with a multi-millionaire and you are just begging to be that one when you let them take drugs/get wasted. Plus if you do happen to fuck up don’t tell your buddies you did it! And how fucking harsh are they in Louisiana towards rapers holy shit. Don’t fuck around in Rust Cohle’s state boys, Tiny will be literally all over your ass in the clink.



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