Something I will never understand is how Olivia Wilde isn’t a bigger star. Sure she was on House and in a couple movies but how is it possible that she isn’t forced to star in a Transformers or something like that. She is on a level of “hot” and “sexy” that is just mind boggling. When Megan Fox was the baddest bitch on the planet she said she would strangle a goat to fuck her. Let that image sit in your mind while you crack stick later. Megan Fox killing a goat..mmm…a banging body, light eyes and a face so pretty it would make Helen of Troy resemble Lena Dunham. Happy Birthday to you Olivia and Jason Sudekis you smug fuck, I hate you because I respect you (that doesn’t make sense but everything I’ve been saying today is very Rust Cohle like so deal with it)




NSFW from the movie Alpha Dog



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