Puck Daddy-Rich Peverley of the Dallas Stars collapsed on their bench during the first period of Monday night’s game against the Columbus Blue Jackets, and was immediately tended to by medical personnel before being taken to the hospital.

After a lengthy delay, and with the players on both teams stunned, the NHL elected to postpone the rest of the game.

The NHL’s statement:

Dallas player Rich Peverley is doing well and is in stable condition. He has has been transported to the hospital. As a result of the emotional state of the players on both teams caused by the medical emergency, the game is being postponed. We apologize for any inconvenience and we thank the fans.

With 13:37 left in the first period, Dallas players started pouring over the boards to get the officials’ attention to stop the action. The Blue Jackets’ players stood up and craned their necks to the left toward the Dallas bench, where personnel were frantically surrounding Peverley.

Trainers quickly carried him to the back without a stretcher by his hands and legs. The players stood around for several minutes, some players on one knee on the ice, before both teams returned to their locker rooms.

Crazy night down in Dallas as Rich Peverley collapses on the bench just after finishing a shift. The team doctor resuscitated him stated later that he had experienced a “cardiac event.” Of course in typical hockey player fashion Peverley asked if he could get back on the ice because the Stars were down a goal. Just making all of us normal pussy men look even worse, Rich. Thanks for nothing. Glad he’s ok but even if he’d died I’m sure his corpse would still be manlier than me.


  1. Justin says:

    Does everyone realize he died? Writers kind of glaze over what took place with carefully phrased statement of fancy medical terms but he dropped dead. He has a bad heart, that bad heart stopped, he dropped dead, he was rushed out of the arena, he got chest compressions, they got back a funky heart rhythm, so doctors had to use the chest paddles to get the heart beating right. Everyone was shaken because their teammate dropped dead infront of them.

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