Welcome home!

UPDATE: The Broncos have signed TJ Ward so the enforcer element is gone back there but at least Whitner can cover. I won’t get to enjoy watching Ward dive head first into receivers knees every Sunday so that really sucks…Still, over all it’s an upgrade.

I just jumped on the internet to find out what’s going on with that stupid lost/not lost, blown up/still flying, hijacked/landed safely, Malaysian plane story that just won’t go away/hasn’t gone anywhere. I’ve already followed this story in a much more entertaining TV show version called Lost.
But then I realized free agency just started and the Browns are running hot out of the gate! They’re getting safety Donte Whitner and LB Karlos Dansby. AND there’s still talk about picking up Revis. Haden, Ward (if they sign him), Whitner, and Revis?!?!?! I just came all over my couch while I typed that. Where are you going to throw at against this team? You can’t do it!


When/if that plane ever lands/crashes we’ll keep you updated…..about free agency.


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