First off, terrible music in this video. Just awful. It made me cheer for the crocodile and hope he’d end up eating everything including the cameraman. But of course in typical “feel good internet video of the day” style, the mean ol’ croc goes hungry and the good hearted and well-mannered hippo saves the cute, cuddly critically injured goat looking animal. However, I’m not entirely sure the hippo didn’t eat that thing the second after the cameras stopped rolling. The last few frames of the video looked like he was sizing up some lunch and he was practicing unlocking his jaw to fit the whole thing down in one bite. Usually these movies show how two animals clearly like each other and could easily be best friends. I’m thinking of the dog and deer playing grab ass in someone’s back yard from a couple months ago. Heartwarming. But I’m pretty sure this was nothing more than a hippo stealing a crocodile’s dinner. Nice try internet. Nice try.


Oh and this video is a couple years old but it’s just blowing up today. Must have been a slow news day with boring shit like planes disappearing and free agency happening at 4pm. Total yawn fest.

And this video is from 4 years ago but since I only saw it for the first time in January then it’s new still. You can expect nothing but fresh and current stories here at Blown Call. Nothing older than 5 years I guarantee. Tomorrow I’ll be discussing the season 3 X-Files finale. Warning: There WILL be SPOILERS!


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