Well some good things happened and some great things happened, at least in my world. The Raiders finally opened up their check books for football players who know how to play and don’t get hurt every other down. Justin Tuck and Lamarr Woodley are going to be great additions to the team for a couple reasons. One is obviously they are better than what we had. Sure Lamar Houston is younger but he didn’t want to be there and only had 6 sacks last year (Tuck had 11). But secondly they are veteran leaders and can help recruit others who may have steered clear of Oak-town previously (ahem Jared Allen and Hakeem Nicks). Either way I’ve stepped back from the ledge but I am still near by incase they do something stupid. I was really hoping Jason Hatcher would also sign but he ended up on the Cowboys’ rival Redskins so good job for him choosing the lesser of the two evils.
Jared Allen is still somehow unsigned but I’m guessing that will change within the next 24-48 hours. He has earned the right to be choosy so go right on ahead Mr. Mullet.
The Browns dropped Brandon Weeden like a bad habit, sadly just two years too late.
Steve Smith and Vince Wilfork demanded and are going to be granted releases from their teams and Julius Peppers is also a free agent. So this basically is the year where if you were the face of the franchise 3 years ago, you’re gone.
I don’t think any of the 2nd tier WRs (Hakeem Nicks/Julian Edleman/Santonio Holmes)have been picked up so I expect that to happen on this Friday as well as Donald Penn from the Bucs. He is the best LT out there and should be scooped up immediately.
The Cromartie Brothers are still unsigned and I don’t actually think they are related. Dominic could in fact be the son of Antonio, but I will check into that later.
And finally Brandon Pettigrew resigned with the Lions giving them one of the best offenses (on paper) in the NFL.



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