LeBron New Obama Care Front Man; I Guarantee He Has NEVER Seen Or Paid A Hospital Bill

Posted: March 14, 2014 in basketball, blown call, breaking news, comedy, florida, humor, manly humor, popular culture & entertainment, satire, Social Media, Sports, technology, television, Youtube
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First there was Magic Johnson and now LeBron. Two of the most obvious choices for people who will NEVER in 10 lifetimes need or want to use shitty Obamacare. I don’t care what anyone says, fucking Magic has beaten AIDS. He has spent millions on unicorn blood transfusions and will out live everyone on this earth who is over the age of 2. If he had Obamacare that walking STD bag would be dead in one week. And now LeBron trying to tell me about this shit? This motherfucker could afford 3,500 quadruple by-pass surgeries out of pocket and still have enough to buy an island full of diamond houses. If he had Obamacare that tumor on his jawline from a couple years ago would have eaten his head by now. Get a real spokesman for this shit, Obama. Maybe the 84 year old Jewish woman living in a one bedroom apartment who needs oxygen and still smokes like a chimney. Or maybe the illegal immigrant Mexican family with 8 kids trying to make ends meet with 4 part time under the table jobs. And while we’re on the subject, someone please tell Cadillac to stop marketing their cars to middle age white guys. I don’t know ONE white person who owns a Cadillac. Not ONE.


It got worse than this picture shows.

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