I have no clue why St. Patty’s isn’t permanently scheduled on a Friday or Saturday. If Thanksgiving and Easter are always on their days why not move this one. Everyone is doing the same thing on each of those days so just make it easier for everyone to be able to get shit housed and recover on a Saturday/Sunday. No one is out there lighting candles because Patrick got all the snakes out of Ireland. They are all pounding as much Guiness/Kilians and Jameson as possible before they try and shove their limp dick into some chubby freckly bitch with huge knockers. But when it’s on a Monday sure you have Friday and Saturday to party but it’s all split up. Some bars do Friday, some Saturday so the party is never as big as it could be. Make it one day and pick your bar and just go balls to the wall with a black out and most certain whisky dick. I know my wife is thrilled every March 18th at 3 am when I am trying to put the moves on her with an Irish cursed wiener that has the same texture as angel hair pasta that’s soaked for 3 weeks in cold water. But hey it’s not a tradition until it happens a few years in a row, right?

I think 30 Rock had the best St. Patrick’s Day episodes and/or references that I can remember from a TV show. Dennis Duffy is just the best Irish character ever.

Couldn't find any clips, so here is a picture dummies

Couldn’t find any clips, so here is a picture dummies

Also the Dropkick Murphy’s



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