Fansided- Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay is a bit of a wild child, whether it be because he’s a filthy rich NFL owner or because he’s not dealing with getting old well. Either way, Irsay views himself as a bit of a rock star and he tends to live that way as well. That way of living has landed Irsay in a heap of trouble, as the Colts owner was arrested for drunk driving and the possession of a controlled substance. It’s unclear what the controlled substance was, but this isn’t a good situation for Irsay. So far the exact details of the case are not known, nor is it known what will happen to Irsay. Like with its players, the NFL will monitor the situation and hold Irsay accountable — perhaps more so than the players — for his actions that led to his arrest and jailing

Nothing like waking up on St Patrick’s Day morning and finding out a billionaire (maybe not but close enough) owner of a sports team is arrested for a DUI. How fucking dumb can you get? Every drinker in the world knows the days cops are out like flies trying to catch people drunk and high as shit. New Years, day before Thanksgiving, the 4th, Cinco and St Pattys Day. Even us commoners know to grab a cab or force a buddy to not drink and drive everyone home. How in the shit can a guy with that much money not just order a fleet of Hummer limos to rock out in and not worry about getting arrested? Either way I’d still want him as my team’s owner because he doesn’t give a fuck and I have a sneaky suspicion he loves hookers and that’s my kinda guy.

Chances the controlled substance was anything less than coke? Zero.


  1. @ Jesse

    LOL! You are wrong for that post, however well articulated.

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