"Is this the pizza and pajama party?!"

“Is this the pizza and pajama party?!”

Shutdown Corner-Indianapolis Star columnist Bob Kravitz wrote a heartfelt plea for Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay to get help when he was arrested for driving under the influence, and Kravitz tweeted on Tuesday that Irsay will cede day-to-day control of football operations to his daughter, Carlie Irsay-Gordon, while the owner is in rehab getting help.
So who exactly is Carlie Irsay-Gordon? She’s the 33-year-old daughter of Jim and Meg Irsay — one of three from the couple (who divorced last fall) whom Jim has said previously will have equal shares of team ownership when he dies.

The most famous sister might actually be Casey Irsay, who is married to racecar driver A.J. Foyt IV.

But Irsay-Gordon, who has attended NFL owners meetings for nearly a decade, will be in charge while Irsay gets the help he needs. It will be interesting to see if she speaks at all at next week’s owners’ meetings in Orlando. Jim Irsay is typically very visible at the events, almost always stopping to speak to media members.

According to the bio on the team website, Irsay-Gordon interned with the Colts in the football and marketing departments while pursuing her undergraduate degree, later graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in religious studies with a minor in geoscience from Skidmore College in 2005.

She and her husband moved from Chicago to Indianapolis with their three children.

There has been speculation for the past few years that Jim Irsay might dial back his involvement in the team on a daily basis, even with as much as he loves the Colts. Perhaps Irsay-Gordon had been preparing for this day. Clearly, the team has faith in her abilities or she would not be overseeing this role.


Look, we all know the media guide lies about a player’s height and weight, and we all let it go because we like to imagine these dudes are all freaks of nature. But I’ve got to draw the line when you start lying about how old the girl is who’s running the fucking team. This chick can’t be older than 15 right? Like, I’m almost positive I saw this same girl getting dropped off at the roller rink by her mom last weekend. You can still see the braces stains on her teeth for Christ’s sake. And now we’ve gotta deal with all the publicity of having a Belieber running an NFL football team. It’s going to be a god damn zoo. Nothing but tweets of player’s butts and duck face selfies with Andrew Luck until pops gets out of rehab. And we’ve all seen Any Given Sunday so we know what’s going to happen on when daddy’s girl is in charge. She’s going the let their coach walk out of town with their star quarterback and have nothing to show for it but an old broken down Dennis Quaid running the offense. Good fucking luck Indy.

You want a woman to run your team? Dig up Marge Schott. That old bitch was swinging her big racist dick all over the MLB for years. If you sympathize with the Nazi’s, you need to keep your mouth shut at all times. Let’s just say that when “Million Dollar Baby” came out I was positive it was about her and the shit she said about her team.


Typical Schott assaulting her black players. Eric Davis seen here receiving his daily choke slam.

P.S. I 100% for real thought that Marge Schott named the Reds.


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