Shelton Jackson Lee may hate white people but god damn does he make good movies. Sure they may not all be hits but you can pick about five of his and put them up against five of almost anyone else’s in the industry. Do the Right Thing, Malcolm X, He Got Game, Summer of Sam and 25th Hour are all great flicks. A lot of his stuff is similar but even when he stepped a little outside his comfort zone and did Inside Man that was really good too. The chemistry he has with Denzel is top notch and rivals Scorcese and DiCaprio/DeNiro. And I mean that in the sense that they do their best work together, I’m not trying to start a riot over what movies are better in comparison (Scorcese is the obvious choice). Spike also has done some great non fiction stuff: The Original Kings of Comedy, Air Jordan commercials and Kobe Doin’ Work are prime examples.
So Happy Birthday Spike, you may hate the fact that I burn easily in the sun but I surely do appreciate the movies you make.
Must be the shoes!

Gustavo Fring at his finest

25th Hour Mirror Rant

Feud with Reggie

Denzel is Malcolm X



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