There are like 30 of these movies now right? I loved the first one and I think the second one then I’m not sure what happened but now it’s like Rocky and Rambo they just keep making them. From what I gather this is now like Back to the Future with time travel and shit. Here are my take-aways from the trailer which looks bad ass.
Hugh Jackman- great porn name, also describes him perfectly. He may be gay and married a really ugly old lady, but he is fucking huge.
Halle Berry- Still hot. Black doesn’t crack for sure
Jennifer Lawrence- Way hotter in that blue shit than John Stamos’ ex wife.
Peter Dinklage- I like every part he plays, but I still think it’s strange to see a little person as a real character. Call me an asshole but I just think it stands out too much (no pun intended but it works)
Michael Fassbender- Not sure if I can take him seriously because I’ve seen his dick and it’s bigger than Peter Dinklage

Great trailer, shows probably all the action in the movie but regardless I will see it like every other superhero movie. Actually I always say I will then never do until I remember to stream it for free online. Oops



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