CageSideSeats- During tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, WWE announced the final inductee for this year’s Hall of Fame class 2014, to be inducted on Sat., April 5, 2014, at the New Orleans Arena in New Orleans, Louisiana, live on the WWE Network. Score one more for the bad guys. That’s because Scott Hall be joining his friend and fellow Diamond Dallas Page Accountability Crib graduate Jake “The Snake” Roberts over the WrestleMania 30 weekend to take his place amongst history’s greats. The name WWE is using to promote him is the gimmick name he used during his initial run with the company in the mid-90s, Razor Ramon. Somewhat surprisingly, there was zero mention made of anything Hall did while working in WCW, including being a founding father of the nWo. Hall had his demons throughout his career, including battling various drug problems along with extreme alcoholism, but he’s cleaned up in recent years thanks in large part to DDP. As far as talent in-ring, he’s likely among the most underrated performers in history. Ric Flair once said Hall’s biggest claim to fame is being in the same ring when Shawn Michaels had a match with a ladder but that’s severely underselling just “The Bad Guy’s” talents. He could flat out go when motivated. The problem was both getting, and keeping, him motivated. Either way, he’s going in, joining a deep class that is now complete with the following members:
– Ultimate Warrior
– Jake “The Snake” Roberts
– Lita
– Paul Bearer
– Carlos Colon
– Mr. T
– Razor Ramon

Razor Ramon was one of my favorites back in the day. He had the Spanish flair (white pasty Irish kids love that stuff), he was tough and didn’t care what anyone else said. I think he was an easy entry into the HOF, however I am against the Mr. T induction. I feel the same way about Sylvester Stallone being inducted into the Boxing HOF. Like these guys are actors, not athletes. How can you have a bust of Sly Stallone next to Muhammed Ali or Sugar Ray Robinson? It just cheapens the honor. And sure wrestling is fixed and blah blah blah but these guys are killing themselves in the ring for the fans. Mr T showed up from time to time and it was cool but so what? He didn’t do a Hell in the Cell or start up the Wolfpack. So congrats Razor and Jake the Snake, RIP Paul Bearer and go kick rocks Mr. T.



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