Slash Film- There are rumors, there are big rumors, and then there are stories like this. A new report says Disney, which recently acquired the rights to release more Indiana Jones films, is looking to go the James Bond route with the character. That is, the company could recast him for years to come. Who would don the fedora after Harrison Ford? Rumor has it Bradley Cooper is at the top of the list. According to Latino Review, Cooper is just one name on a longer list of actors who may, or in most cases may not play Indiana Jones moving ahead. They also say Frank Darabont, who wrote an infinitely better script for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull than the one produced, has already pitched an idea for a new movie. Are these claims true? Latino Review is often pretty spot on with these rumors, even when they make their way through the laundry and come out years later.

Frank Darabont directing and Bradley Cooper starring is a Indiana Jones I can get behind. I recently watched Skyfall and I love that James Bond stays around through constant reboots and new actors. Is Sean Connery the best? Of course. But that doesn’t take away from Pierce, or Daniel, or even Timmy Dalton. I think Indy is a character that can easily be done again with little backlash from the fans whereas Fletch and the Naked Gun movies should never be touched (Fuck you Jason Sedakis and Ed Helms). Outside of Bradley Cooper though I’m sure there is the same list of young, good looking actors that are “available” for every role these days on the list: Ryan Reynolds, Channing Tatum, Jake Gyllenhaal, and anyone from those Vampire deals. Darabont is great choice to direct though, hope they stick it out with him.



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