Is he a ginger black guy?

Is he a ginger black guy?

ESPN- New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton said Wednesday at the NFL owners meeting that it’s a matter of time before the team reaches a long-term contract extension with Pro Bowl tight end Jimmy Graham. The Saints used the one-year franchise tag with Graham on March 3. Both sides have been in continued negotiations, and Payton is confident a deal will be complete before the July deadline. “It’s hard to put a timetable on it,” Payton said Wednesday. “But I would say very similar to Drew [Brees’ contract], I think all of us feel like it’s just a matter of not if, but when. I don’t know if there’s nervous anticipation.” Graham is a core player in New Orleans. He led the Saints in receptions (86), yards (1,215) and touchdowns (16) last season. However, New Orleans has issues with the salary cap that must be addressed. There has been some debate on position classification with Graham. He plays tight end but wants to be designated a wide receiver, where more money involved. Payton said that could make things tricky but may not be a huge snag in the grand scheme of negotiations.

When you have a player like Jimmy Graham, you start stacking up the Benjis until he smiles and signs the contract. “It’s not an if but when” Sean? How about you just throw a ton of dough at this guy and pray he stays with your team. He is easily the best TE in the game since Gronk can barely stay healthy through a game of beer pong and Aaron Hernandez is awaiting trial for like 15 murders. The Raiders have adopted this whole ‘conservative’ style to building a team but for Jimmy Graham I say give the Saints a 1st rounder and the whole team gets jerked off by the cheerleaders for a month. The Saints can move the ball around to a lot of different receivers but without Sproles, Jimmy is really the key guy for Brees to connect with. Do the right thing, pay that man his money!



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