ESPN- The Los Angeles Dodgers might have surpassed the New York Yankees in payroll this year, but the Bronx Bombers still own the title of the league’s most valuable team. The Yankees are worth $2.5 billion, according to the annual list of franchise values released Wednesday by Forbes. That makes them the most valuable team in the American sports landscape, topping the value of $2.3 billion Forbes gave to the Dallas Cowboys in August 2013. The Yankees have been the most valuable baseball team for each of the 17 years the magazine has published the list. The Dodgers, bought two years ago by Guggenheim Partners for $2.15 billion, came in second on Forbes’ list at $2 billion. The team has a 25-year television deal with Time Warner Cable worth more than $8 billion, though it lost a battle with Major League Baseball and will have to share more revenue from that deal than it originally had projected. Rounding out the most valuable top five are the Boston Red Sox ($1.5 billion), Chicago Cubs ($1.2 billion) and San Francisco Giants ($1 billion).

Suck it long and suck it hard

Suck it long and suck it hard

Just another proud day to be a Yankee fan. Bring it on haters. We are finally in second place for most money spent and are still the most valuable franchise in all of sports. You can keep saying “The Yankees just buy their players!” and I will keep responding with “What the fuck do your players play for?” (the answer is money) The Yankees just have a lot more of it. This year looks like it will be a good one, finally loaded up on some good pitching and solid hitting. Let that baby Cano go for a quarter bill so he can slowly die in Seattle and A-Rod is sitting at home just getting fat. I have a good feeling about this year! #28 Baby!

PS If Bill Gates ever just wants to, he can buy every baseball team in the MLB one day and still have money to spend. Fucking crazy


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