Blown Call Presents: Going Gay For England

Posted: March 27, 2014 in blown call, comedy, humor, manly humor, popular culture & entertainment, satire, Sports, television
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I was watching a YouTube video from Jimmy Fallon where he and Jude Law make stupid faces that little kids sent in. It was a pretty funny bit, something short and simple for those old folks who still haven’t realized Jay Leno isn’t on the show anymore. While watching the video I starting thinking “Jude really rocks the receding hairline thing to a t, he makes it look good” (since I will most likely have the same version as him, albeit not as pronounced. I want to plan ahead) Then I started to think “Wow, he is a really good looking guy” and it hit me. I have a gay British thing. If I were to be forced into a homosexual relationship the top guys I would chose are all from the mother England. Tom Hardy, David Beckham and now Jude Law. Oh course Jeter is at the top of the list but let’s be real, that won’t ain’t gonna happen anytime soon. So then I asked Ken, is it weird that my “go gay” list is all British and he said yes. Naturally this needs to be a post so here is my list of British Guys and then Ken will list his, British or not.
Tom Hardy
David Beckham
Jude Law


As I explained to Jesse, back in my day (90’s) there were no British actors any straight American would ever consider let blow them except for Hugh Grant and that’s ONLY because he had crazy good hair. It was a respect thing. Sure he’s British but I’ll give him the privilege of performing a tongue tug because he has infinitely better hair than me.

But dat hair….

So he’s tops on the list. Numbers 2 through 5 on my list are Mr. Bean only because I literally can’t think of one more British actor from back then. Plus if you get past his unibrow, ugly face, bad teeth, disgusting mole, and stupid hair cut, he’s actually a decent looking man. (By British standards of course.)



Sean Connery automatically wins if we were doing an all-time list. Hand down.


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