ESPN- For one day at least, the moderate-payroll San Diego Padres are in first place in the NL West, ahead of the big-spending Los Angeles Dodgers. Seth Smith hit a towering drive for a tying homer leading off the eighth and Chris Denorfia singled home two runs to give the Padres a 3-1 victory against the rival Dodgers in baseball’s North American opener Sunday night. Smith’s first hit with the Padres came on a 2-0 pitch from Brian Wilson, who started the eighth after Hyun-Jin Ryu threw seven scoreless innings. It sailed an estimated 360 feet into the right-field seats. It was his seventh career pinch-hit homer. He was acquired in an offseason trade with Oakland for reliever Luke Gregerson. “They’re all just one game, but when you’re facing a team like the Dodgers, full of great players, Brian Wilson, a guy who knows how to get it done in those situations, it’s not easy to do what our hitters did,” said Huston Street, who pitched a perfect ninth for the save. “To come back and get three right there in that situation, especially after leaving guys on base early, that’s what this team is going to have to do to win. We’re going to have to battle all year long.” The Dodgers set a record with an Opening Day payroll of $234 million. The Padres are 23rd at just under $90 million.

Opening Day is upon us, and by that I mean roughly two and a half weeks of Opening games played all over the world. Should it be a national holiday? Yes and no. Yes because baseball fucking rules and is a national past time, but no because then it’s just officially one day. Then again one extra Monday off of work would be amazing. Either way, baseball is upon us. The Dodgers, who have roughly 5 players on the roster who make enough to BUY the Padres, lost to their Cali rivals in a rare blown save by Brian Wilson. For a guy who shares the name of a Beach Boy he sure looks like Satan. I bet it works in his favor to add to the “Relief Pitchers are Fucking Weird” schtick, but I am really glad he hates the Yanks and doesn’t want to play there. You don’t go from a class act like Mo Rivera to an extra from the last Rob Zombie music video (they still make those right?)
PS I see he wears the Oakley’s with headphones to warm up. Can he wear them while he pitches? That would be so fucking cool. Just make sure there is no blue toothed way for the managers to communicate with him and I would put them in every pitchers ears in baseball. Get CC all jacked up on Jigga Man and watch the no hitters roll in.



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