The biggest item in the NFL by and far is that DeSean Jackson has been released by the Eagles. Not traded for draft picks or another veteran player, not traded for cash, just released into the wind for absolutely nothing (other than cap space). Nearly every team should be calling his agent but a lot won’t because there has been a leaked story that DJax is somehow involved with the Crips in California. This would’ve meant nothing before but thanks to Aaron “I Murdered 30 People” Hernandez this is now something that teams will be looking into. Did DeSean throw up a gang sign? Did he name his rap label Jaccpot instead of JacKpot because Crips don’t put a C and K together because it stands for Crip Killer? Does he hang out with Lil Terrio because somehow that morbidly obese child is actually 45 and a Los Angeles drug lord? Who knows. Most ‘tough guys’ want to act like they are in gangs, throw up the signs, wear red or blue and claim they are super hood. But they also don’t give back to the community and donate as much time/money as someone like DeSean. Sure he could be funding the whole fucking thing for all I know but I don’t care, bring him to Oakland and make this team better.
This is all you need to see to know any team can benefit from his services

Can’t be in a gang and shout out Whoopi GoldBIRD and Barbara Walters…
That brings me to the Raiders. Right before the weekend they signed Maurice Jones-Drew for a 3 year deal (aka an NFL minute). So in total this Free Agency the Oakland Raiders have signed Justin Tuck, Lamarr Woodley, Antonio Smith, Terell Brown, James Jones, Donald Penn, Charles Woodson, Matt Schaub and now MJD. If this were 2009-10 I would be the happiest guy on earth. The NFL probably wouldn’t have even let this happen if it was back then. But this is 2014-15 so we basically have collected every player that has been released by their former team because they have moved on to younger players who outperform the vets. Do I like the leadership and the collection of Super Bowl Ring wearers now wearing Silver and Black? Sure it will be a great locker room dynamic. Do I like that most of these guys are averaging 30 years of life and roughly 8-9 years of NFL time? Not at all. I know they are trying to get a good base team to build from but if this all crashes and burns in about 2 year when the contracts end we are FUCKED. So good luck guys!
All of the Raiders ineptitude set to a Justin Timberlake song


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